Free WIFI now available in Downtown Kincardine

Picture this…  
Strolling along the friendly sidewalks of beautiful downtown Kincardine, and you think to yourself – what is the most popular ice cream flavor in Canada?  Maybe chocolate, vanilla, or maybe it’s maple?  

Keep your smartphone battery healthy

Our mobile devices have become our lifeline. It’s important to keep them healthy so that we can have them at our fingertips (literally). But, a fully-charged battery doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The biggest complaint with some mobiles is battery-life – and it’s usually a short one.

Security is key

The moment you lose your phone is usually sheer panic. Take a deep breath: you’ve taken all the measures to protect it…right?

If you haven’t already, here are some tips on mobile security for the next time you leave it in a coffee shop or washroom stall (we’ve all done it once).

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