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First, open the mail client by double clicking the Windows Live Mail icon which will be located in your start menu or as an icon on your desktop.


 In the Windows Live Mail program, click on the Accounts tab at the top of the screen, then click the Add E-mail Account button.

Internet 2





Fill out your account information, making sure to place a check mark in the Manually configure server settings option. Once finished, click the Next button in the bottom right to continue.

Note: if you would rather have your password remembered so that you don't need to enter it everytime you check for email, make sure to place a check in the Remember this password option as well.









Now, configure your server settings as follows:

  • Incoming Server Type = IMAP
  • Incoming Server Address = mail.bmts.com
  • Incoming Port = 993
  • Authenticate using = Clear text
  • Logon user name = First part of your e-mail address. For example, the username for johndoe@brucetelecom.com would just be johndoe
  • Outgoing Server Address = smtp.bmts.com
  • Outgoing Port = 587
  • Requires a secure connection (SSL) = enabled (on both incoming and outgoing servers)
  • Requires authentication = enabled

Once complete, click the Next button to continue.











Congratulations! Your e-mail account should be ready to begin using in Windows Live Mail. Click the Finish button to close the account settings window and you should now see your Bruce Telecom e-mail address listed on the left of the Windows Live Mail screen.








Internet settings

  • DNS1 or Primary DNS:
  • DNS2 or Secondary DNS: (Both DNS entries assigned automatically)
  • IP address: Assigned automatically (dynamic)
  • Authentication Method: Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)
  • Domain Name: brucetelecom.com
  • Modem type: Support for V.90 (56K) Dial-up, V92 in Owen Sound and Local Bruce Telecom phone area
  • Type of Dialup Server: PPP Protocol

Email Server Settings

  • Receiving mail (Incoming server):
  • protocol : IMAP
  • hostname: mail.bmts.com
  • port: 993
  • security required: STARTTLS (SSL in some older mail clients)
  • authentication required: Yes

Sending mail (Outgoing Server)

  • protocol: SMTP
  • hostname: smtp.bmts.com
  • port: 587
  • security required: STARTTLS (SSL in some older mail clients)
  • authentication required: yes
  • Press *72. When you hear a second dial tone, dial the number where you want to forward your calls. When the called party answers, Call Forwarding is active. If you receive a busy signal or no answer hang up and repeat the procedure within two minutes. You will hear two short tones to verify that you have activated Call Forwarding.
  • To cancel press *73. Two short tones indicate that you have cancelled Call Forwarding. 
  • Press *98
  • When prompted to enter a mailbox number, press ‘#’
  • Follow voice prompts 
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