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VoIP home phone should work with your alarm system but you will need to contact your alarm company to make any necessary programming changes to the alarm panel. 

A computer is not necessary however the service is sold as a bundle that includes high speed internet.

We do not recommend using a fax machine with VoIP.  A successful fax is related to your Internet connection, its quality and your fax machine. Fax machines were never designed for use on the Internet, and while it works much of the time, success cannot be guaranteed. Our Support Team does not provide troubleshooting for faxing using VoIP service.

VoIP home phone service is dependent on your Internet connection.  Any power, network or Internet outage may cause a disruption in service which means you will not be able to make and receive calls or have access to 9-1-1 emergency services.  We strongly recommend using a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) battery backup for your equipment and having an alternate phone service such as a cell phone.

The VoIP adapter included in your Welcome kit will activate 1 phone jack.  You can use a cordless phone with multiple handsets or a splitter to increase the number of phones throughout your home.

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