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The newer Entone Remote Control has a VOD button, which will take you directly to the Video On Demand selection.  The button is located just to the right of the Guide button.

If you are using an older Entone remote that doesn't have a VOD button, press Menu, use the arrow buttons to scroll left or right until you have On Demand highlighted, and press OK.

Start by power cycling the Entone Set Top Box located by the television.  Locate the little round black cable going to the electrical outlet or power bar, and unplug it.  Allow it to sit for thirty seconds, and plug it back in.  You should get an Entone logo on your screen.

Your television may be on the wrong input.  Televisions have multiple ways of connecting devices to them, known as inputs, or sources.  To switch between these inputs, use your televisions remote control, not the Entone remote, and locate a Source or Input button.  When you press that button, you should see a list of available sources or inputs on the screen, try highlighting them and pressing OK, until you find the television feed.  Usually it will be one of the HDMI inputs.

The program guide on your set top box should scroll ahead at least 7 days.

You can scroll forward half an hour at a time using the right arrow key around the OK button on your remote control, or 12 hours at a time using the Skip button.  If you have an older remote control that doesn't have the skip button, the fast forward button will do the same.

Please start by restarting the device.  Depress the power button, and hold it until presented with the option to power off or restart.

If this doesn't help, try ensuring mobile data is enabled.


  • Settings>Cellular
  • Cellular Data should be in the On position (indicated by green)


  • Settings
  • Connections
  • Data Usage
  • Mobile data should be in the on position

Some of these steps may vary by device and Mobile OS versions.

If this doesn't help, you may wish to review your data usage on the My Bell app, or by contacting Technical Support

To add an email account to a cellphone, you will have to access settings, then accounts, and add an email account.  Enter the settings as follows:

Email Server Settings

  • Receiving mail (Incoming server):
  • protocol : IMAP
  • hostname: mail.bmts.com
  • port: 993
  • security required: STARTTLS (SSL in some older mail clients)
  • authentication required: Yes

Sending mail (Outgoing Server)

  • protocol: SMTP
  • hostname: smtp.bmts.com
  • port: 587
  • security required: STARTTLS (SSL in some older mail clients)
  • authentication required: yes
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